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Remember a Child on the Holocaust Memorial Wall

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Since 1973 . . .  50 million children have died as a result of legalized abortion in the United States. There is no visible monument to their passing. No pictures of death and destruction to prick our consciences and bring these dark deeds into the light. There is no enduring reminder that they were our hope and our future. They are voiceless, faceless and anonymous thereby leaving no lasting impression upon our generation. Unlike Hurricane Katrina, there is little residual evidence that we have suffered a tragedy of biblical proportion. 

During the Jewish Holocaust, Nazi Germany, assigned numbers to each new death camp arrival. This de-humanizing mark was tattooed on their bodies in indelible ink to remind them that they were less than human. Sadly, the victims of our modern day holocaust, lack even this act of de-personalization. They have been labeled "non-persons" under our law and are deposited in our landfills as "medical" waste.We have launched this website as a respectful attempt to memorialize their loss by giving EACH a name and acknowledging their time among us.

Abortion Holocaust Memorial Wall

The loss of 50 million people is hard to imagine. The Vietnam War Memorial Wall is ten feet high and 500 foot long and contains 58,000+ names. Comparatively, a similar wall depicting all 50 million names would extend to over 81 miles in length. An entire generation is gone and we never knew them. It would seem a small thing that we acknowledge their passing and clothe them in death with human dignity by assigning each a name. Certainly  . . . we can do no less.

Our goal is to remember each victim of today's holocaust by granting them their own unique name. We respectfully suggest that the first child that you name be your OWN given name or the name of a family member. This personalizes their loss to you and to all who know you. Feel free to search the database and remember each human life was created in the image of God and "endowed by their Creator" with the "right to Life." Sadly . . . they passed from our lives and never enjoyed this right.

We ask you to contribute a nominal amount to maintain the database and to discourage those who would deface our efforts by entering lewd or indecent  submissions. Proceeds will be used to continue to air the Personhood Ads and promote the Personhood movement in our culture.

Please view this short video! . . . and adopt a child that others may live!!

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